What makes me Beautiful

I wonder how many girls recognize that.

I'm not pretty enough...
I don't have confidence...
When open a magazine, watch tv and cd... and singer and actress, then ask question myself, why can't I look like them.
Media distorts our view on Beauty.

I think everybody could pretty, pretty is something that you can see.
Beauty is different, Beauty can only be seen with the heart, and not in the face.
The most beautiful things in the world can not be seen, it can only be felt in the heart.
Pretty is temporal, but BEAUTY is Eternal
I'm going to love 'me'.
Beauty and ugliness cannot be concealed.
Try to see the best in people, try to speak kind and encouraging words to people.

2010年9月1日 | 归档于 Life
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  1. se-e-ya
    2011年5月29日 17:14 | #1
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    自己都很pl……好没说服力= =另不知道第一页的图是什么……


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